We are here for YOU.

Collier CPR & Safety Training is taking very seriously the precautionary measures regarding training that is recommended by the American Heart Association®, the CDC and WHO, as well as stepping up our disinfecting process.

NEW CHANGES*  Everyone in attendance will be REQUIRED to wear a mask.  If you refuse to wear a mask or accept our policies, including signing our waiver of liability, you will be asked to leave and be refunded 100%, no questions asked.  We will be adhering to the social distancing guidelines recommended and as such, we are eliminating the multiple person rescue portion of CPR. We will only be discussing 2+ person rescue and each person will have their own manikin and only practice the skills individually.

Our office and ALL equipment are disinfected after every class/use with hospital grade disinfectant which cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes TUBERCULOCIDAL, BACTERICIDAL, FUNGICIDAL, and VIRUCIDAL microorganisms, INCLUDING HUMAN  CORONAVIRUS…We use disposable, one-time use, sealed, one-way valves with HEPA Filters and disposable, one-time use face shields for the optional mouth breathing/respiratory training which will be discussed in greater detail and now will be optional for the student to apply practically in class. You won’t be required to put your mouth on anything for training, as no breathing portion will be mandatory. We will do our best to stress the understanding of the physiology of the pulmonary portion of CPR without making you perform the skills. ALL students will be allowed breaks to wash hands before, at multiple points during, and after class.

All of us here at Collier CPR are Firefighters and Paramedics on the front lines of this pandemic and we have all of the up-to-the-minute info from the AHA, CDC and WHO.  We are doing our very best to keep class safe for everyone, while providing the students the proper information and skills necessary to safely perform CPR in real life and keep our healthcare workers out there on the front lines of this madness so they can continue to save lives.