Owning an AED comes with a process.  It shouldn’t be an impulse buy and certainly shouldn’t be done with a few clicks on-line.  The process of owning an AED should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.  Each individual case is different.  There are many variables which play a role into which AED is right for you.  Collier CPR walks this road with you, until we find exactly which AED is best geared for your particular instance.  Collier CPR is owned and operated by by Firefighters who work and live here in Collier County. We are here, personally, to help you one-on-one throughout the entire AED process. We aren’t about maximizing profit, we’re about making Collier County a safer place for our citizens. We’re about assisting and helping our residents become more educated and comfortable with the process of CPR and AED use and ultimately, saving lives. We have first-hand experience in life-saving skills, and we are passing it all on every way we can.  When it comes to purchasing an AED, feel confident in the fact that you have Collier’s bravest at work for you.

We aren’t salespeople…Quite the opposite.  When it comes to your process of selecting an AED, we aren’t going to suggest accessories or products that are unnecessary to your specific needs.  We will work with you and find out what it is you are looking for, specifically.  We’ll find out why you are interested in an AED.  There are many variables that play a role into why certain AEDs or accessories may be better suited for you.  We will find all of that information out and then put together an individual program based on all of these variables to get you exactly what you want, and nothing more.  We will walk you through the process and dot all i’s and cross all t’s explaining the things that need to be done to maintain compliance in regards to maintenance and training. Our biggest sell is that we are here.  We are real people.  We will be there to answer your questions and if something comes up, we will handle your issue with you, in person.

If you have interest in an AED for yourself, your community, or your business, please give us a call or GO TO THE CONTACT US PAGE AND FILL OUT THE AED REQUEST FORM so we can begin the process together in order to get you exactly what you need.