Collier CPR is owned and operated by by Firefighters who work and live here in Collier County. We are here, personally, to help you one-on-one throughout the entire AED process. These big national chains have absolutely zero benefit over us. We will match any advertised price you can show us. In fact, we won’t have to match; we sell them as low as we are legally allowed per each manufacturer. We aren’t about maximizing profit, we’re about making Collier County a safer place for our citizens. We’re about assisting and helping our residents become more educated and comfortable with the process of saving lives. We have first-hand experience in life-saving skills, and we are passing it all on every way we can.

There are certain things that have to be done in order to maintain compliance with the county and state in order to own and operate an AED. We walk you through the process and work hand-in-hand with you the entire way. You’ll never see one person’s face from a corporate AED company, nor will you reach someone on the first try if you have a question or if something goes wrong. We at Collier CPR will not only pick up, but we’ll come meet with you in-person and assist you with any problems or concerns. We’re here 100% of the time.