Our Mission

To provide lifesaving skills, products, and knowledge to our residents in an effective and efficient manner while keeping it real, fun, and really fun.

Owned and operated by Daniel Jackson and Gio Campobasso, both firefighter/paramedics who reside and work in Naples, FL; Collier CPR is an official American Heart Association Training Site, providing an array of classes dealing with various emergency medical training.  Collier CPR is also an AED and accessory retail distributor, specializing in implementing AED programs for our businesses and residents to help them get what they need in order to take the steps necessary to prepare themselves, their employees, and their residents in the case of a cardiac or medical emergency.

Our services are literally for anyone interested in possessing the tools necessary in order to save a life.  We aim our classes toward not only getting you certified, but getting you comfortable, so should the time ever arise, you are ready to act without hesitation, giving that loved one or stranger the best chance at continuing life.

Our instructors are hand picked from a high-quality crop of Firefighter/Paramedics who have been in these scenarios a great deal more than most.  Unfortunate for them, but fortunate for the class participants, as it gives them an insight into the real-life aspect of what really happens during cardiac arrests, over-doses, chokings, and drownings. There is a wealth of knowledge to share and we provide the first-hand experiences to you, giving you that real-life education, which can never be taught from a book or video.  We make the classes interactive and fun, explaining the physiology (what’s going on in the body) behind the compressions and breaths, and what exactly happens when you hit the “SHOCK” button on the AED.

You will not only leave with your certificate (WE HAVE A 100% PASSING RATE-If you fail come back for free), but a much better understanding of why we do what we do in the event of those medical emergencies.

In respect to AEDs, we will walk you through the entire process.  We will help you implement an AED program and figure out which AED is best for your needs.  We will come out and perform a site walkthrough and assist you in choosing the best location for your AED(s).  We will file the paperwork with the county and make sure you cross off everything on the checklist of items to become and stay compliant per all of the state and county requirements.  We will then train you and your staff/residents on your AED.  We will assist you in implementing a maintenance program and show you how to check and troubleshoot your device.  We live and work in your community, we are always a phone call and a few minutes from you, and we’re here to help you in any way possible.

This is why we chose to be firefighter/paramedics. We’re all good people with big hearts and we want to help others through their difficult times. We’re here for YOU.

Meet the Gang…

Daniel Jackson

Daniel Lawrence Jackson was born and raised in Chicago, IL and is and always has been a loyal devoted Chicago Bears fan! Athletics was life for him as he earned All Conference and All State honors in Football and Baseball, along with being voted his High school’s most valuable athlete. Shutting down a potentially illustrious Football career, he chose to attend Florida Atlantic University to pursue a career in baseball. He earned All-American honors at FAU winning him FAU Male Athlete of the Year in 2000. He went on to play baseball professionally for the next 8 years, officially retiring in 2007. He was hired on by the North Collier Fire Department in 2015 and no one really knows what he did for the 8 years unaccounted for in between those dates, but we’re sure he had some fun. Daniel continues to rise through the ranks of the fire department and enjoys getting hurt and spending time on light duty, where he likes to daydream about being a police officer. He speaks 6 languages, has been on Wheel of Fortune 4 times, Jeopardy once, and was elected to the Florida Atlantic University Baseball Hall of Fame in 2017 and is currently pursuing his 3rd Masters Degree.

Daniel met co-owner Giovanni Campobasso once he was hired at the Fire Department and they’ve been friends ever since. As the officiant of their wedding, Daniel married Giovanni and his wife Lauren in 2018 before purchasing Collier CPR with him a few months later.

Gio Headshot

Giovanni Campobasso

Gio is part owner of Collier CPR. He was born in Chicago, IL and moved to Naples fifteen years ago. Since then, he has pursued the fire and EMS fields by becoming a Fire Fighter Paramedic. He currently has a thriving career with North Collier Fire Department where he serves as a Lieutenant and is dedicated to keeping the community safe. He is one of the district’s field training officers, where his role is to take part in the credentialing process of the new on coming paramedics. He overlooks, instructs, and tests the trainees abilities to get them ready to be on their own. Gio loves to train and share his knowledge with others. He is very passionate about what he does and wants to pass on the skills that he has learned throughout his career. In his spare time, Gio enjoys watching sports, especially seeing the Chicago Bears miss field goals. He hopes one day to bring Collier CPR to its full potential, and have a positive impact on everyone that comes to get training!

History of Collier CPR

Frank and Heidi Smith founded Collier CPR in 2009 in order to provide quality CPR/AED and First Aid classes in Southwest Florida.  They built the company from the ground up and made Collier CPR what it is today.  Frank and Heidi made many friends along the way touching the lives of thousands of students over their tenure.  To know Frank and Heidi is to love Frank and Heidi and they are asked about in every class to this day.  When we purchased Collier CPR from them in November of 2018, their one request was that we keep it fun and do it right.  It’s difficult to maintain the standards Frank and Heidi have set before us, but if we can do ½ as well as they did, I know we’ll make them proud.  Frank and Heidi still reside in Naples and are currently enjoying their recent retirement.  If you have a message for them we’d be glad to pass it along to them. Please send email to info@CollierCPR.com and we’ll gladly pass it along to them as they love to hear from former students, especially in regards to saving a life!!

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