Option A

American Heart Association®

HEARTSAVER CPR/AED – This American Heart Association course is designed to train the lay person to recognize and care for life-threatening respiratory or cardiac emergencies in adults, children and infants. Here you will learn how to give CPR, how to use an automatic external defibrillator (AED) and how to relieve choking in a safe, timely and effective manner. Student manuals may be purchased for each participant, but they are not a requirement. There is no written exam and this course is NOT intended for those in the healthcare profession. Course Length is 3 – 3 ½ hours

…First Aid may be added to the training session for an additional fee.

Option B

American Heart Association®

BLS Provider- This American Heart Association course is intended for the medical professional or healthcare provider or those intended on working in the medical/healthcare profession.  Adult, Child and Infant CPR, choking, and AED use are included in the curriculum and there IS A MANDATORY WRITTEN EXAM ALONG WITH A HANDS ON SKILLS TEST in which you must pass both to obtain your certificate.  Course length is 3 ½ – 4 ½ hours.

Option C




This is the #1 recommended course for all laypersons NOT requiring an American Heart Association CERTIFICATION CARD w/ 2 year expiration date.  You WILL receive a Collier CPR course completion certificate as well as a Collier CPR printable CPR wallet card.  You will be taught the current AHA and ECC guidelines, but we will add our own first responder input, giving class a little reality, explaining to you why we are doing what we are doing, not just telling you to do compressions and breaths.  You will learn “REAL” CPR by individuals who see cardiac arrests day in and day out in life, with “REAL” information, and you will have a better understanding of what CPR is why we do it.  Please Google “Collier CPR” and let our reviews speak for us.  It will be the best CPR Class you’ve ever taken.  

The Collier CPR First responder Ready CPR Course teaches the lifesaving skills of adult Hands-Only CPR, adult CPR with breaths, child CPR with breaths, adult and child AED use, infant CPR, and mild and severe airway block (Choking) for adults, children, and infants.  We will familiarize you with YOUR ON-SITE AED and educate you in its use. 

This course is for people who want to learn CPR but do not need the Official AHA CPR certification card to meet a specific requirement. This course is ideal for the layperson, community groups, new parents, grandparents, babysitters, and unlimited others interested in learning how to save a life! 

We will also sit around for a Q&A session afterwards, answering your questions regarding anything to do with the material.  


Option D

CPR/AED Demonstration

A very “open table” format with a lot of Q&A, where our instructors will discuss cardiac arrest, CPR and AED use, choking and other medical emergencies, briefly.  We will perform a “mock” scenario response to a witnessed cardiac arrest.  We will discuss what’s happening and why and reiterate over and over the need for proper training and certification.  We will show you how scenarios can go wrong, discuss legal concerns, and perform a quick step by step AED breakdown, including use of your facility’s own specific AED model.

The intention of this demonstration is to raise your awareness level of AEDs and drive home the importance of becoming CPR/AED certified by taking a class.  You will not be prepared to handle a medical emergency or sudden cardiac event after this presentation…

Presentation typically lasts 1 – 2 hrs depending on the Q&A sessions and participation is unlimited.

Who We Serve

Our certified instructors teach courses intended for:

Dentist & Orthodontics Offices
Nursing Students
Private Practices
EMT & Paramedic Students
Teachers / School Employees
School Bus Drivers
Day Care Employers
Gyms & Fitness Centers
Coaches & Athletic Trainers
Golf Courses
Resorts & Hotels
Night Clubs & Bars
Security Staff
Condo Associations
Homeowners Associations
Staff & Residents
Anyone interested in CPR, AEDs, or First Aid